Q. What do you mean “prom”?

  1. It’s our hope that we can put on a dance for the Venice community every few years. This year’s theme happens to be The Love Boat. For many of us this brings back images and sounds of the 70s & 80s. This dance should be reminiscent of what prom means to you, meant to you, or should have meant to you if only Sam had said yes, or you were bold enough to ask. (Yes, we chose “Sam” because it is a gender neutral name).  

Q. What should I wear?

  1. Ladies, I don’t even need to tell you. You know. You’ve always known. You dreamed of this day in your early teens and then thought all that planning came to an end when you were 17. But did you really stop dreaming? No, you didn’t. Go get a prom dress. Not your favorite sundress that you wear to Gjelina on Sundays, but a dancing dress. If you want your outfit to be 80s inspired, great. If you want to feather your hair, fix it with Aqua Net and wear blue eyeshadow, now is your chance. You know it looks great.

  2. Gentlemen, this is a formal dance so you should wear something appropriate.  If that means you get a powder blue suit with ruffles, just know you won’t be alone. If you want to wear a suit to show that you take this seriously, by all means. If you want to dress up like Ren McCormack, please, we applaud you.

Q. No, I’m a guy, really, can I wear my Vans?

  1. Yes you can wear your Vans. But you can’t wear your flannel.

Q. I know when it starts, but when should I actually arrive?

  1. Prom starts at 8:00 pm, right after your early dinner. You should arrive on time, or fashionably late at 8:30pm. No joke. Not 10:00pm. Don’t worry, you won’t be the first person there. There are at least 50 people that we will make be there at 7:00pm and that’s an hour before you even get there. No one will be on Abbot Kinney after 9:00pm. If they are, they weren’t invited. Don’t be seen with them!

Q. Do I have to bring a date?

  1. Of course not. Many people will go without dates. But because it’s a prom theme it might be nice to go with someone even if it’s just a friend.  

Q. Do I have to get my date a corsage/boutonniere?

  1. Don’t be ridiculous. Yes! You should. It’s fun. Later you can dry it and hang it on your wall.  Freezing works too. Ah memories.

Q. I am feeling anxious about this being a prom. I didn’t even go to my prom in high school.  

  1. All the more reason to go now! This is YOUR prom. It’s fun now that you’re an adult. No more high school angst. Let it die. Attending will save you thousands in therapy.

Q. No. I don’t think you understand. I’m feeling REALLY anxious about it. Your last answer did not help me at all. In fact I feel even worse now. I DID go to my prom and it was a disaster!

  1. Steady now. Easy. Deep breaths. We’ve polled some people and you’re not alone. But it’s not like you were Carrie – They’re not all going to laugh at you. Come now. Plus, you’re older now and all of your friends will be there. You aren’t the loser you were once mistaken for. You are one of the cool kids now. You’ve arrived. Take back the night.

Q. I can’t dance. I knew this would come up again!

  1. That’s ok. There are four walls surrounding the dance floor perfect for leaning. There’s also a bar. You can go to the bar and pretend you just finished dancing to the last song. You can say you pulled a hamstring. Or you can just dance (recommended). We have specifically excluded professional dancers from this event with you in mind. If you start to feel really upset while you’re there, just notify a chaperone, we’ll queue Hava Nagila and we can all dance the Hora.  You can dance to that.

Q. Will there be food?

  1. No. Eat dinner first.

Q. Will there be drinks?

  1. Yes. Otherwise 99% of us couldn’t dance.

Q. What’s up with transportation?

  1. We know you’re used to being on Abbot Kinney exclusively, and the thought of leaving the street is both disturbing and confusing. We don’t like it either. Blame Westminster Elementary for their no alcohol policy. But it will be ok. We’ll do it together. Call an Uber, summon a Lyft, get a cab, rent a limo with your date or friends. Please do not drive.

Q When should I buy my ticket(s)?

  1. Now! Don’t be a complete dodo. You know, this is why people from LA have a bad reputation.  Always putting off making a firm plan because they think something better might come around.   Well it won’t. This is the only show in town. Once a year people. Once a year. Also, this event will reach capacity. So the sooner you get your ticket the better.

Q. Why wasn’t I invited???!!!

  1. Don’t fret. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. Like maybe you slept with one of the organizers and it didn’t end well? Maybe no one knows you? Or, more likely, we just got your email address wrong. I don’t know about you, but I remember my 4th grade best friend’s phone number, birthday and address, (haven’t spoken to her since 2nd day of 5th grade), but if I lost my phone today and needed to call my best friend of two decades I’d be SOL. You get the idea. And you people keep changing your email addresses. Stop that by the way. Just contact an organizer and we’ll sort it out.  

Q. Who are the organizers?

  1. Jessica Beeman, Stuart Frossell, Steven Lake, Sarah Mills and Kristin Dossetti, with a lot of support from our extended Venice Family.